Seller’s Checklist

Possible Cost:

  • Commission
  • Mortgage Penalty
  • Executing Documents
  • Capital Gains Tax
  • Taxes & Disbursements
  • GST on Commission
  • Discharging Encumbrances
  • Non Resident’s Tax
  • Moving Expenses
  • GST

It is recommended that sellers obtain independent advice from an accountant/ lawyer/ financial institution as to the implications of any of the above concerns. When filling out PCDS, be aware propane tank & alarm systems are often leased.

Did You Know

When your property is listed with Multiple Listing Service the information is readily available to approximately 1100 Realtors. The Working with a Realtor brochure explains how we work on your behalf. The commission is shared between the listing and selling brokerages (which can be the same).

Your property will automatically be placed on the Internet in two locations. Coast Realty Group maintains our homepage with general information about the area and all our listings. The Vancouver Island Real Estate Board also has an Islands section on its page covering all the Board area.